The delights of a scrapbook: Some of the ways that people were scrapping in the late Victorian era

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Victorian antique scrapbook albums (1)

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Some of the ways that people were scrapping in the late Victorian era

Delights of a scrapbook (1898)

If carefully planned and executed, it becomes a veritable joy

Few people know how much pleasure is to be got out of that old-fashioned contrivance, a scrapbook. By this is not meant merely a collection of sticky pages illy covered with more or less interesting clippings from newspapers, consisting mainly of poetry and that of the sentimental or melancholy order. Under the hands of a clever woman, a scrapbook becomes a creation of real genius.

Not long since a bright woman who has done some very creditable newspaper work was asked by a friend for a set of her articles, describing a trip into new countries.

The bright young writer got a good-sized scrapbook covered in soft brown leather, and in this she pasted her chatty columns, not in dull regular rows, but interspersed and intermingled with all manner of suggestive sketches, pictures head and tail pieces, and marginal jottings, cut from picture papers, catalogs and old magazines.

Victorian antique scrapbook albums (1)

With such nice discrimination had she selected these pictures, so appropriately did they fill her text, and with such exquisite neatness did she perform the mechanical work, that her scrapbook, when finished, actually possessed a very considerable intrinsic value.

The same young lady, desiring to amuse a sick friend, first secured a collection of new and good anecdotes. These she scrapbooked with illustrations, and her little gift has the charm of infinite variety which it will take a great deal of custom to stale.

Children should be taught the art and beauty as well as the value of scrapbooks. The helter-skelter scrapbook made without rhyme or reason, with facts and fictions and poetry all pasted in just as they came to hand, is an unsightly affair and offends any well-ordered mind.

The art of making a scrapbook has its own peculiar graces, and the making should afford an intellectual pleasure of a very high order.

Scrapbooks as a history of life, of feeling, of the emotions of one’s heart: Perspectives on our place in time from 1894

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