A reader tells us to try her way of cooking pumpkin:

After seeing that it is perfectly clean on the outside, set the pumpkin in a pan and place in the oven; do not peel or cut at all. Bake for an hour or more, according to the size of the pumpkin. When it is done, cut a hole in the stem end and remove the seeds. The rind will peel off like so much paper, very thinly. When this is done, mash as you would potatoes, and use the same as other pumpkin.

A good preserve is made of pumpkins. Peel and cut the pumpkin in to rather small pieces; weigh, and to each pound of pumpkin allow one pound of sugar, mixing thoroughly and adding a gill of lemon juice for each pound of pumpkin. Set aside for twelve hour. then boil the mixture in the preserving kettle until the pumpkin is done, then place the pieces in jars. Strain the syrup and reheat to boiling and pour over the pumpkin, filling all spaces, and seal air-tight.

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Source publication: The Commoner (Lincoln, Neb.)

Source publication date: November 06, 1908

Notes: The Home Department (Column)

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