Chicken pie

Cut up two plump, well-grown chickens, season with salt and pepper and butter, and cook until tender. Then dip out the chicken with a wire dipper, putting it into the dish the pie is to be cooked in, removing the loose bones of legs, neck and first joint of wings, etc.

Make a rich gravy of the broth, adding a cupful of cream and flour to thicken.

Make a very rich biscuit dough, line the sides of the pan, but not the bottom; place small bits of dough as large as hickory nuts around among the chicken, and pour the gravy over it. The pie will take up a great deal of the gravy in cooking, so it is well to have plenty and some to serve at the table.

Cut small biscuits, rolled very thin, and place closely together all over the top of the pie and bake a very light brown. The pie baked in this way does not need to be cut, and can be dished nicely and easily.

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Source publication: The Commoner (Lincoln, Neb.)

Source publication date: December 24, 1909

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