Boston wins the first World Series (1903)

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Boston team wins world’s championship

Captures deciding game of series from Pittsburg

Allows opposing batsmen but four safe hits — Beaneaters touch up Philippe at will

Boston won the world’s baseball championship yesterday by defeating Pittsburg in the eighth game of the series and scoring its fifth victory. The score was 3 to 0, Billy Dineen using the whitewash brush on the Pirates for the second time.

The demonstration after Dineen struck out Hans Wagner, the last Pirate to face him, was equal to any ever seen on a baseball field. He was as impossible of being fathomed as before, four hits being the sum total wedged in against him, and while two of them were in one inning, the perfect support accorded Dineen would not allow a man to cross the rubber. In another case, a free trip was followed by a single. Then Criger’s snap throw to Collins caught Leach off third base, and ended the inning.

Philippe has been the strong right arm of the Pirates the whole series. All the victories for his side have gone to him, and having had a two-days lay-off, it was thought that he would be able to tie the series today and compel Boston to go the limit.


Top photo: Boston Americans (later renamed the Boston Red Sox) and Pittsburgh Pirates at the Huntington Avenue Grounds, 1903 World Series, before the game described above. The Pirates (top, left to right): Claude Ritchey, Harry Smith, Eddie Phelps, Ginger Beaumont, Deacon Phillippe, Sam Leever, Bucky Veil, Gus Thompson, Tommy Leach, Jimmy Sebring, Brickyard Kennedy Fred Carisch and Honus Wagner. Middle: Pirate manager and outfielder Fred Clarke. Boston (bottom, left to right): Jimmie Collins, Chick Stahl, Bill Dineen, Buck Freeman, Candy LaChance, Patsy Dougherty, George Winter, Duke Farrell, Jack O’Brien, Long Tom Hughes. Bottom: Fred Parent, Lou Criger, Hobe Ferris. This photo by Elmer Chickering was added to the Boston Public Library’s collection in 1923.

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