Bavarian cream with vanilla

Whip one pint of cream to a stiff froth and put it aside. Boil another pint of rich milk with a vanilla bean and two tablespoonfuls of sugar until it is well-flavored. Take it off the fire and add one-half box of gelatin soaked for one hour in a half-cup of water in a warm place near the stove.

When slightly cooled, stir in the yolks of four eggs, well-beaten. When it has become quite cold and begins to thicken, stir it, without ceasing, a few minutes, until it is very smooth. Then stir in the whipped cream lightly until it is well-mixed. Put in a mold and set on ice to cool.

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Source publication: The San Francisco Call

Source publication date: December 16, 1900

Notes: Society Girls Preparing Christmas Dinner

Filed under: 1900s, Dessert recipes

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