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Happy Easter!

Here is a collection of 15 colorful Easter postcards from the early twentieth century! These were especially popular from around 1900 to around 1915, and, as this gallery demonstrates, such greeting cards were often considered special keepsakes, and put into scrapbooks or simply saved.

>> The postal card fad (1901)

Colorful Easter eggs in a basket (1907)

vintage Easter card

Easter bunnies postcard (1909)

Girl with an Easter bonnet postcard (1924)

Easter postcard (1914)

vintage Easter postcard

A happy Eastertide (1911)

Easter greetings (1907)

Easter greetings card (1907)

Easter egg heads greetings postcard (1906)

vintage Easter greeting card

Three children on an egg Easter card (1900s)

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  1. tom

    Can you give me an idea what years Easter greeting cards were priced at 10-15 cents each?? I have a bundle of these cards but not able to tell the year they were printed. Thanks


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