3 springtime rhubarb recipes (1908)

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Some rhubarb recipes

Rhubarb is not used as much as its merits deserve, perhaps because so few housewives know that it can be served in other ways than in pies and sauces. Here are some good recipes sent in by the “Helping Handers.”

Rhubarb & rice pudding

Boil two teacupfuls of washed rice with a little lemon juice in the water until the rice is nearly done, drain and dry. Line a pudding dish with this rice, reserving some for the top. Fill up the basin with rhubarb cut into small pieces, and sprinkle with plenty of sugar and a little spice, ginger or lemon; cover with the remainder of the rice. Put into a steam cooker or an old fashioned steamer and steam for an hour. Serve with custard, cream or rich milk.

Rhubarb jelly

Wash the stalks well and cut into small pieces, put into a preserving kettle with a very scant supply of water, cover the vessel and boil until soft, then strain through a jelly bag without squeezing. To the drippings add sugar, cupful for cupful, after having heated the sugar in the oven, boil briskly until it jellies on the skimmer. If the juice of an orange is added to each quart of the jelly, it will improve it.

Rhubarb shortcake

One-half pound of flour, three or four ounces of butter and lard mixed, one dessertspoonful of castor sugar, a pinch of baking powder and water to mix. Mix the flour, salt and baking powder and sugar in a basin, rubbing the shortening lightly into the flour, and mix with water to a stiff paste. Turn out on a floured board and, without kneading, roll out quite thin, and divide into three equal parts, round or small squares. Spread one lightly with butter and lay on greased tin; place the second part, lightly buttered, on this, and the third piece on top and bake in a quick oven.

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When done, separate the layers, spread with the cooked rhubarb, as layer cake, press the layers together, sift sugar over the top and serve hot.


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