Mutton Piquante

Wash and trim a leg of mutton, then score it deeply in half a dozen places and crowd into the scores either half cloves of garlic or small button onions, also pinches of salt and a few drops of salad oil. Lay the meat in a pan with a cupful of hot water, turn another pan over it, and bake until three parts done.

Meantime, mix a tablespoonful of French mustard — dry, of course — and three tablespoonfuls of fine cracker crumbs to a thin paste, dropping in alternately oil and vinegar. Mutton chop man Season the paste highly with salt, black pepper and cayenne. It must be soft enough to spread very thin, but not to run. Take up the meat, put it in a dry pan and cover it well with the paste, then return it to the, oven and let it roast gently until the paste is a brown crust.

Mutton Marinado

Wash, trim and score the mutton as above, but cut half a green pepper and a slice of onion in the scores instead of the garlic. Next, rub a spoonful of salad oil well over the surface and let it stand while you make your marinade. Take half a pint of strong salt water — sea water if obtainable — and half a pint of either apple vinegar or sour wine. Put them in an enameled saucepan with a teaspoonful of sugar, a shallot (minced), a dozen peppercorns, half a dozen cloves, a bouquet of herbs or a pinch of dry herbs in powder.

Bring to a quick boil, skim, set aside, and when bloodwarm, pour in the dish around your mutton. The meat should not be more than half covered. Let it lie two hour, turn, and let stand two hours longer. Roast in a covered pan, and brown quickly at the very last.

Stewed Mutton

Choose a good fat neck, with as much of ribs and breast as needed to make out a dish, have the butcher gash it deeply and break the bones. Wash the meat well and lay it in a deep pot, then sprinkle it liberally with salt and red and black pepper. Fill the pot with water to cover the meat an inch. Bring it to a quick boil, dash a little cold water to throw up the scum, skim well, then set the pot where it will barely simmer and cook till a straw will pierce the meat.

Have ready two carrots, cut in dice; a shredded cabbage; six Irish potatoes peeled and quartered; two onions, sliced; four tomatoes, peeled and sliced; a pint of lima beans; four turnips, cut very thin. Drop them into the stew a handful at a time, so as not wholly, to check the simmering.

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Source publication date: October 14, 1900

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