Patterns to cut and make Dancing Dolls (1861)

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Dancing dolls

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Children’s Department

To the young beginner, this is a very easy pattern to commence and practice upon.

If our young pupils have any difficulty in cutting out by the eye, without drawing, they can procure a sheet of tracing paper; by placing this upon the object and going over the outline with a soft black-lead pencil, then reversing the tracing and placing the pencil lines upon the paper you wish to cut out, and going over the back of the same lines with a sharp-pointed pencil, the outline of the pattern will be clearly marked out. But it is much better to attempt and cut out the subject without drawing at all, as practicing both the eye and the hand at the same time.

Take a piece of thin writing paper, and fold it four or five times; double the same again and cut out the half (Fig. 2). When opened out they will make Fig. 3; and, by cutting out two sets of four or five each, and fixing the hands together with a little gum, they can be made to form the circle as in Fig. 1.


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