An old-time recipe for lemon pie

President-General of the TSS [Tribune Sunshine Society]: Twenty-five years ago, the accompanying recipe was found in a Sunday Tribune. It was tried, and never found wanting in all that goes to make the filling for a lemon pie perfectly satisfactory:

Bake the crust first. It can be done the day before needed. Use whites of the eggs for meringue.

When filled, the pie should be set in the oven long enough to brown. For the filling, use two eggs, two lemons, two cups of sugar, two cups cold water, two tablespoons of flour, and butter the size of a big walnut. Grate the rind of the lemon two-thirds down and grate the lemon as well. Use a pipkin to cook the mixture in, stirring all the time after it begins to thicken.

This is also used as filling for a layer cake: it is delicious, and makes an attractive lunch dish, with meringue browned.

– Truly yours, Mrs M


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Source publication: New-York Tribune (New York, New York)

Source publication date: December 23, 1897

Filed under: 1890s, Dessert recipes

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