An imitation feather

This feather would not of course answer for a dress bonnet, nor for a ball headdress, but it makes a very pretty trimming for a child’s hat.

Take a piece of muslin, nansock, or cambric, a little stiff, but not starched. Cut pieces of the shape of Fig. 2, about five inches long and two inches wide, cut five long slits in it, and curl it as in Fig. 3, by drawing a knitting needle or scissors across it, holding the muslin tightly between the thumb and edge of the scissors.

When you have forty-five or fifty of these pieces, sew them on to a frame made of the muslin, with a ribbon wire sewed all round the edges and down the middle to keep it firm. It will then have the appearance of Fig. 1.

Imitation feather - Godey's - 1862

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Source publication: Godey's Lady's Book

Source publication date: 1862

Filed under: 1860s

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