Crochet an antique-style lamp mat (1862)

Lamp mat in crochet

The material is zephyr of five different shades — black, deep scarlet, orange, sea-green, and white. The center, in plain crochet stitch, is of sea-green.

Make a chain of five stitches, and join by passing the needle through the first stitch and uniting it to the last. Form five rows of green, widening at first every third, then every fourth stitch. The next row is of white, in close shell or pineapple stitch. Again a row of green, four stitches in depth.

Thu next color is black, then white again, following the pattern, as given in the engraving, in the three colors, black, green, and white. When the last row is made, take the scarlet for the border. Knit as seen in the engraving, of scarlet and orange, until the two last rows — the edge being of white, and the row next it black.

The effect of this mat, when it is neatly made, is very beautiful, and it is handsome for either lamp or vase.

Lamp mat in crochet-1962-antique-craft


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