Small bracketed villa

Designed expressly for Godey’s Lady’s Book by Samuel Sloan, Architect, Philadelphia

This little villa, so picturesque in appearance, would make a very appropriate residence for a family of moderate size.

The round-headed windows and porch arcades architecturally forbid the use of such a pitch as the main roof has; but it will be seen that this piquancy is obviated by the truncation of the latter, thereby agreeably subduing the otherwise discord and composition.

First floor: Ample hall, fine drawing room, dining room, kitchen, library.

Second floor contains five very good chambers, and a number of appendages, such as closets, etc. rarely found in a dwelling of this magnitude.

antique-home-floorplans-1862-godeys-ladys-book (1)

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Source publication: Godey's Lady's Book

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A picturesque villa Designed expressly for Godey's Lady's Book by Samuel Sloan, Architect, Philadelphia We are indebted to Mr Sloan...