Mollie King in The Seven Pearls (1917)

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The Seven Pearls was a 15-episode action film serial released in 1917, but little is known about it other than the picture’s credits, as it’s considered a lost film — no known copy of the movie exists. But what does remain is this ad for the “fascinating, thrilling, absorbing” cinematic work.


It has passed the acid test of exhibitors’ inspection, and been pronounced the most fascinating, thrilling, absorbing serial ever screened. It is now ready for YOUR verdict. See it and be captivated. Not a single member of the family can afford to miss this marvellous production. It has everything intrigue, adventure, mystery, thrills, suspense, daring deeds, beautiful scenery, and a wonderful love story. Start with the first episode. You will never miss one thereafter.

Read the thrilling story of the first episode in this issue of The Washington Times. See it on the screen this week and every week thereafter.

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