Notable people

Michael Landon at home (1975)

Meet the Michael Landons by Muriel Davidson Michael Landon's "Big House in Beverly Hills" is a far cry from the "Little House on the Prairie" featured in his hit TV series. But, says the former "Bonanza" ... Read more...

A day with Helen Keller (1906)

A Day With Helen Keller by Joseph Edgar Chamberlin Sometimes we dream, or like to imagine, that we are something different from what we are. By a dismal freak of fancy we conceive ourselves, in such a d... Read more...

Meet Little Stevie Wonder (1963)

Behind the unseeing eyes of Little Stevie Wonder there is music and rhythm. As he sits and talks, his hands beat jazz rhythm on imaginary bongos. It seems as if he is giving a beat to a tune playing in his mind.

Who was Frederick Douglass? (1895)

Frederick Douglass, who was born a slave in Talbot county, Maryland, in 1817, was the one conspicuous anti-slavery agitator who spoke of the wrongs and cruelty of slavery from personal experience.

President Lincoln’s funeral (1865)

Remains of President Lincoln in Chicago Yesterday was a marked day in the history of Chicago -- a day long to be remembered by the hundreds of thousands, who witnessed the grand and imposing ceremony of re... Read more...

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