Knute Rockne’s death casts grief over the nation (1931)

From throughout the entire nation today came to this seat of Notre Dame University such widely expressed sorrow at the death of Knute Rockne and such tributes to his memory as to give rise to this speculation: Was his the largest personal following of any man in the United States?

Chris Evert shoes by Converse (1977)

How do you step into your backhand so nicely, Chris? Chris Evert steps in Chris Evert shoes by Converse, the shoes of the stars. Chris wanted new comfort, new style, and exceptional stress support for the t... Read more...

Birth of the American League (1900)

Rival of National League American Association of Baseball Clubs comes into existence Philadelphia, Jan 30 - The American Association of Baseball Clubs was organized here today. The Continental Hotel, wher... Read more...

John Madden for Ramada Hotels (1987)

What makes Madden mad #21 "Late calls. Okay, you check into a hotel. The big meeting is tomorrow. All you want is a simple 6:30 am wake-up call. But when do you get it? At 8:30! So then what? Bring clocks? Tic... Read more...

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