Hints & tips

Benjamin Franklin’s advice for getting better sleep (1786)

While Benjamin Franklin may be known for 'Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,' that wasn't his only insight on the subject of sleep. In the summer of 1786, he wrote this, 'The Art of Procuring Pleasant Dreams.'
Use old wallpaper samples as gift wrap

8 high-style, low-budget gift wrap ideas (1976)

A pretty wrapping makes a gift special. But when you suddenly realize that some of your Christmas presents are costing almost as much to wrap as they did to buy, then it's high time for ingenuity and originality!
Woman with blanket for hope chest

What should you put in a hope chest? (1920)

What should you put in a hope chest? Linens and items for the home after the wedding, or clothing for the bride's trousseau? You can put both - but you really need to fill it with so much more.

12 ideas to help you live more creatively (1981)

No matter what anyone tells you, creativity is not something you are either born with or not: it needs to be discovered, exposed, nurtured, and expressed in order for it to grow and expand.