For children

Young furniture that grows up with its owner (1965)

No matter how independent teenagers may sound when they’re talking about furniture, they still need guidance... Here are pieces that easily please all concerned – without a family scene. They’re in good taste and all have growth potential.

Retro pink girly Valentines from the ’70s

Valentine cards in the seventies -- at least those geared toward girls -- were anything but subtle. Hot pink, pale pink and red were big, as were the doll-like little girls' eyes and heads.

Coco Wheats hot breakfast cereal (1962)

Do your kids "eat like a bird" at breakfast? Here's how you can get your children to eat a good breakfast -- and love every taste of it! Maybe you don't have this problem in your home. Even so, when you swi... Read more...

Uncle Wiggly & Friends book (1939 & 1955)

Starting in 1910, and for more than three decades, Howard R Garis wrote "Uncle Wiggly" stories six days a week for The Newark News in New Jersey. He lived to see near 80 books based on his characters published ... Read more...

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