Apollo 1 astronauts die in fire (1967)

Dreaded cry: 'Fire in spacecraft!' Cape Kennedy, Florida -- The searing fire that snuffed out the lives of three Apollo astronauts in a split seconds was the first ever to break out in a US space ship, the h... Read more...

Meet big Stevie Wonder (1969)

By Craig Modderno Moving onstage to the Motown beat of his hit songs “Uptight” and “I Was Made to Love Her,” the 18-year-old musician in the dark glasses performs with a rare, vibrant enthusiasm. When the... Read more...

Muhammad Ali refuses Army induction (1967)

Being the heavyweight champion didn't exclude Muhammad Ali from the draft during the height of the Vietnam War in 1967 - but it didn't mean he was going to go willingly.

Janis Joplin changes the blues (1968)

Nothing stays the same for very long -- not the world, not the blues, not love, not a petite young Texas girl who had “such a pretty voice,” according to her mother.

The death of Bruce Lee (1973)

It would seem like Bruce Lee was born for stardom, and unfortunately, like many of the brightest burning stars, he was gone far too soon.

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