Mementos & memorabilia

US Army shoulder insignia (1945)

Shoulder insignia US Army units are marked by colorful patches Modern armies are built on each soldier's pride in his own unit. A soldier with lukewarm feelings toward his country's armed forces has fierce pr... Read more...

How to preserve autumn leaves (1910)

Preserving autumn leaves It is very natural that one should wish to preserve permanently the bright-colored beauty of the leaves of fall; and many are the plans that have been devised for so doing. To most o... Read more...

Retro pink girly Valentines from the ’70s

Valentine cards in the seventies -- at least those geared toward girls -- were anything but subtle. Hot pink, pale pink and red were big, as were the doll-like little girls' eyes and heads.

Vintage Wacky Packages: Candy (1970s)

Stickers - The desert candy A play on Snickers (Wacky Packages sticker from 1974)   Curses Baby Runt "Fastest eating candy" based on Curtis Baby Ruth candy bars (Wacky Packages sticker from 1979)... Read more...

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