Drawings & illustrations

6 stunning silver Victorian tilting water pitchers (1889)

The tilting water pitcher was something often found on the dining table during the Victorian era. Mounted on a swing pivot, it simplified the task of pouring ice water into cups or glasses, as there was no lifting required.

Space age: Amazing retro futuristic homes of the ’60s

What did the future look like from the '60s? In this ad series for Motorola, commercial artist Charles Schridde depicted modernist homes of the future - and perfectly captured the era's sleek style and space-age optimism.

New York City views (1917)

Get a load of that view! Here are some images showing parts of New York City's skyline as it appeared back in 1917.   Union Square in 1917 >>¬†Announcement of the Empire State Building (1929)... Read more...

Fun furniture: Lofty bunk (1976)

Lofty bunk The fireman's pole makes getting out of bed a zip! And the whole project is a zip to build into any boy's room. Build the dresser and the wall storage unit first, then install the box for the mattre... Read more...

Month-by-month calendar icons (1965)

Here's a whole year's worth of cute retro drawings that you can use to make your own calendar -- and they come to you right to you from 1965. Just click here or on the calendar image below to get a larger versi... Read more...

7 popular new home styles of the 1920s

One of the first problems which confronts the prospective home builder is the selection of the style of architecture for his new home. New England Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Old and Modern English, American, Spa... Read more...

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