Recap of the first Boston Marathon (1897)

Inspired by the success of the first modern marathon at the 1896 Olympic games, the Boston Athletic Association decided to stage their own race in April of 1897.

Finding a piece of the past: PJ Clarke’s in NYC

It’s not often you can discover long-lost information about a venerable institution like New York City’s PJ Clarke’s. Really — how much more could there be left to learn about a place that’s already a piece of living history?

A piano lesson in the parlor (1899)

This photo is from 1899 or 1900, taken in a stately Victorian parlor with Arabian detailing on the windows. Officially titled "African American man giving piano lesson to young African American woman," the ... Read more...

Grand Cañon of Arizona (1899)

Until the early 1900s, Arizona's majestic Grand Canyon was known to many by the Spanish spelling of its name, Grand Cañon (although the pronunciation remains the same). To the Native Americans, it was "Ongtupqa... Read more...

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