The science of pleasing women (1898)

Here's an... interesting... take on the so-called science behind successful male-female relationships. The science of pleasing women and what it means by Dr George F Shrady Woman controls man today despite ... Read more...

Who was Frederick Douglass? (1895)

Frederick Douglass, who was born a slave in Talbot county, Maryland, in 1817, was the one conspicuous anti-slavery agitator who spoke of the wrongs and cruelty of slavery from personal experience.

Artificial daylight made by Tesla (1899)

The promise made by Nikola Tesla to the world some two years ago that he would soon give it a means of lighting its homes, its offices and its streets at night time by “artificial daylight” has been fulfilled.

Beauties of nine towns (1895)

Beauties of seven towns Their individual charms are somewhat hard to define Characteristics of the girls in several great municipalities Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San F... Read more...

4 juicy orange dessert recipes (1897)

Dessert recipes made with oranges Orange pie Grate the rind of two oranges and squeeze the juice. Cream one-fourth of a pound of butter and add half a pound of sugar by degrees. Beat in the well-beaten yo... Read more...

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