Refreshing Classic Tom Collins Cocktail

Have you seen Tom Collins? Plus 5 classic Tom Collins cocktail recipes

A Tom Collins isn't a drink just named after some guy, somewhere. It's a drink named after nobody, nowhere. Ah, but there's a story to go along with it all. Find out the backstory of "Have you seen Tom Collins?" -- and get recipes for four original, old-fashioned versions of the Tom Collins cocktail!
Three men on horseback racing c1885

And they’re off! Look back at the history of the Kentucky Derby

How did the Kentucky Derby get started? Now, the famous Louisville horse race is the first part of the American Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, but when it started, people didn't know how important and iconic the Derby would eventually become. Here's a look back at its history.
Here Come The Brides TV show

Here Come the Brides theme song & lyrics (1968-1970)

Here Come The Brides was an hour-long comedy/Western TV series set in Seattle in the 1870s about a family of loggers in the new West who had to bring in 100 women as potential brides. While the show was set in the past, it impacted the present -- like launching Bobby Sherman and David Soul as teen idols.

3 fabric samples from 1874

Swatch this You have seen some of the clothing designs from the 19th century -- but what did the fabric patterns look like close up? Take a look at three designs from 1874, as published in the "Practical handb... Click to read more...

Cream puffs recipe (1878)

Cream puffs 1 pint water, 1-1/2 cups butter, 4 cups sifted flour, 8 eggs Boil the water and butter; stir in the flour slowly while boilmg. Boil 1 minute, and when the dough is cool, add the eggs, which have... Click to read more...

Reflections poem (1878)

Reflections My baby boy sat on the floor. His big blue eyes were full of wonder, For he had never seen before That baby in the mirror door -- What kept the two, so near, asunder? My baby smiled; those r... Click to read more...

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