8 Civil War-era dresses for women (1862)

This style, made of heavy black silk, is among the most beautiful novelties of the spring mantillas. No description is required, as its mode is fully explained by the illustration.

The death of pirate Jean Lafitte (1864)

He made prizes of several British East Indiamen, and eventually, became wealthy and powerful enough to found the colony of Barataria, at the mouth of the Mississippi.

The romance of antique photos (1977)

The romance of old photos Vintage nineteenth-century photographs are the current delight and sensation of the art world. When old prints are put up for sale in auction houses in London, New York or Los An... Read more...

Civil War recruitment poster (1861)

Head quarters Cadwalader Regiment Recruits wanted for three years or during the war Active able-bodied young men are wanted to fill up this regiment The attention of mechanics and working men is resp... Read more...

How to make a cheese doily (1861)

Cheese doily pattern This neat pattern of D'Oyley (doily) is to be worked in ordinary square crochet, and forms a neat and appropriate ornament for the table, besides, at the same time, performing a very acc... Read more...

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