Shades of The Notebook: United in death (1880)

Original publication: The Elk County Advocate (Ridgway, Pa.) Date: August 26, 1880
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This sweet little story reminded me of The Notebook, which was first a book and then a movie starring James Garner, Gena Rowlands, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

United in death

An aged husband and his old wife went hand in hand to the gate of death. This touching incident is narrated by the Oskaloosa Herald:

True love poemMr and Mrs Dickson, for convenience in attendance during their illness, were placed in separate bedrooms. The heads of the beds were placed against a thin partition, which having an open door, permitted the old people to converse, though not able to see each other.

The night before the husband died, his wife heard him groaning and was very anxious to be with him, but was unable to rise. Soon she was informed that he was dying, and in order to be near him, the beds were moved so as to bring them parallel with the partition, the heads opposite the door.

This done, the fond wife reached out her hand, grasped her husband by the hand, and held it during his last moments. Thus death found them, as fifty-one years before the marriage ceremony left them — joined hand in hand.

It was a simple and affectionate token of the love of a long life, and the day following the wife, too, folded her arms in the sleep of death.


Image: Card with verse (c1880) “True Love: As music on the sea, As sunshine on the river; So hath it always been to me, So shall it be forever.”

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Source publication: The Elk County Advocate (Ridgway, Pa.)

Publication date: August 26, 1880

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