Johnny Cash & June Carter get married (1968)

Original publication: Independent Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California) Date: March 3, 1968
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June Carter & Johnny Cash are married

Johnny Cash and Miss June Carter, country and Western music singers who teamed up on a Grammy-winning record, teamed up in marriage too, it was announced Friday.

Columbia Records said the marriage took place in Franklin, Kentucky, and that after a short honeymoon, the couple will reside in Nashville.

Last Thursday, as Cash accepted a Grammy award for the record “Jackson,” he remarked, “This is a fine wedding present.”

Miss Carter performs with her Mother, Maybelle, and two sisters, Anita and Helen. Maybelle Carter was a member of the original Carter family group, well-known in the annals of American folk music.

It was the second marriage for Cash, and the third for Miss Carter.

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Source publication: Independent Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California)

Publication date: March 3, 1968

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