1847 Rogers Bros Silverplate (1921-1922)

Original publication: Vogue & Ladies' Home Journal Date: 1921 and 1922
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1847 Rogers Bros: Silverplate (1921)

The Ambassador Pattern in 1847 Rogers Bros Silverplate carries the prestige of a name. This new pattern is the accredited representative of a bland of silverplate that has enjoyed a preference for seventy five years. In daily service, it will live up to all traditions of quality and through its beauty be a lasting pleasure.

ladies home journal 1921-519


Furnishing the home with silverware (1922)

In many homes, the silverware is held in a special regard. This is because the various members of the family add to it from time to time on the occasion of certain anniversaries — mother’s birthday, wedding anniversary or Christmas — and all take an interest in gradually making the service table complete.



75th anniversary silverplate (1922)

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The Heraldic pattern (1921)

The Heraldic Pattern, with its distinctive outline and decorative crest, possesses a degree of individuality that is most unusual.

ladies home journal 1921-161

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Source publication: Vogue & Ladies' Home Journal

Publication date: 1921 and 1922

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