Squirt is for grownup tastes (1962)

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When taste grows up… Squirt shows up

Squirt is for grownup tastes

When you give up lolly-pops for good, you’re ready for fine, dry Squirt.

Squirt’s not sweet like other soft drinks. In fact, it’s definitely dry. It starts with sun-ripened citrus fruit, the very costliest kind. Then it goes through an exclusive extraction process for a natural dryness, a quality dryness never before achieved in soft drinks.

Squirt’s a fine, dry cooler that fixes your thirst, with never an after-thirst. It’s a quality mixer that sparkles your drinks and never dulls drink flavors.┬áThat’s why more and more people with grownup tastes are switching from sweet drinks to Squirt.

Has your taste grown up to fine, dry Squirt? Take home a six-pack today, and find out.

Switch from sweet to Squirt.

1962 When taste grows up Squirt shows up

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