Ice cream know-how (1961)

Original publication: Better Homes and Gardens Date: July, 1961
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Ice cream know-how

Steamboat sundae. Hull is a split banana, holds chocolate ice cream drowned in marshmallow creme, orange ice topped with pineapple sauce, vanilla ice cream covered with strawberry sauce. Peg marshmallows fore and aft; add chocolate-wafer deck. Candy stick is the mast, a cherry is the rudder.

Rippled look for sundae spectaculars. Chill sturdy spoon in freezer. Holding it bowl up, skim across firm ice cream. Start Fudge Sundae with scoop of ice cream in chilled dish; alternate light and dark spoonfuls. Warm the fudge sauce for lush topping.

Tepees for kids. Pack ice cream into paper cone-cups; insert paddle sticks. Freeze firm. Heat and stir 1 cup semisweet chocolate pieces, 1/2 cup evaporated milk till blended; cool. Peel off cones; spread on chocolate; roll in chopped walnuts. Serve, or freeze.

A cake breaker makes neat slices, even in the firmest ice cream. Neapolitan ice cream shows off three ribbons of color. Another time, cut ice cream in wedges. To help keep servings from melting, chill plates in refrigerator or put in freezer for a few minutes.

Double-color dips boast double flavors. Work with firm ice creams, and a chilled scoop. Half-fill scoop by taking several light swoops in one flavor, then round out the ball with another flavor. Open jars of sundae sauce or fruit preserves for topper.


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Source publication: Better Homes and Gardens

Publication date: July, 1961

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