Space Fidgit – the magic color disc

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Space Fidgit toys (1986)

Rub my back… and create fantastic color patterns – Try it!

Tilt Space Fidgit for more colors.

Made in USA by Game Parts, Inc. Northvale, NJ 07647



Enjoy cosmic pleasure with Space Fidgit – the magic color disc

… made with space age pressure and heat sensitive liquid crystal material

FIDGIT makes a fascinating novelty gift for anyone. Just rub the back with finger.

  • A personal doodler – Just rub back of Space Fidgit with your finger (as shown).
  • Play tricks on your friends by asking them to talk to the Space Fidgit while you secretly scratch back. It will appear as though the voice is causing lines and colors to change.
  • Find your pulse by pressing Space Fidgit on inside of wrist and see colors go “beat, beat, beat, beat…”
  • Place the heat sensitive Space Fidgit under incandescent light bulb on a warm day and watch it turn black. Remove from light and original color will return as it cools.
  • Rub back of Space Fidgit over towel or other rough cloth to see various designs.
  • Your Space Fidgit is perfect for use as a coaster.

Note: If liquid crystal material collects in one section of circle, simply press and smooth out with thumb or forefinger, until liquid covers entire circle.


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Fidgit: The mystifying color disc (1970s)

Your finger is the magic wand

“Rub disc through back of card and see fantastic color patterns and changes”

As seen on TV

Tilt Fidgit for more colors

Hours of fascination for all ages

Made and printed in USA / Athol Plastics Corp. Athol, Mass 01331


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  1. Angela

    I have a bunch of these Space Fidgits for sale on Ebay.
    They are new, old stock and are being sold loose and not on the cardboard package.

  2. Michael Orlando

    Also seeking a fidgit!

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