Hula hoopers are whooping it up (1958)

Original publication: Steubenville Herald Star (Steubenville, OH) Date: September 8, 1958
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Hula hoopers are whooping it up!

How agile are you? The hula hoop, latest toy to send everyone into a spin, has hit the Steubenville area with a (pardon us) lot of hoopla.

You’ve seen them. Practically every youngster seen downtown is carrying home his or her hula hoop and there are many grownups carrying them, too. The big youngsters, of course, say they are taking them home for the children, but many an older spine is cracking with the frantic antics needed to keep the hoops rolling about the hips, the knees, the neck and in all the ways they can be made to spin.

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Good hula hoopers can make the plastic ring do all kinds of tricks. A really good hooper can rotate the ring around the neck, down the waist, around the knees and back up again. The hula hoopdeedo originated in another section of the country and did not send the Stuebenville area into a spin until recently. It has hit hard now, however, and local stores are going in circles to keep up with the demand. One store received nearly 2,000 of the plastic spine twisters today by special truck.

Spinning the rings is good exercise, too, and unless you are the kind who doesn’t give a hoop about flabby muscles, you, too, can get in the spinning ring.

Pictured above are (left to right) Debbie Plum, 9, daughter of Dr and Mrs Raymond Plum. Debbie has her hoop going good. Debbie Jo Testaguzza, 3 daughter of Mr and Mrs Angels Testaguzza, is starting her hoop while Andrean McLaughlin, 11, daughter of Mr and Mrs FA McLaughlin, uses hers as a substitute jumping rope. Jeannie O’Roark, 10, daughter of Mr and Mrs James O’Roark, has her hoop going good. All reside in Weirton.


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Source publication: Steubenville Herald Star (Steubenville, OH)

Publication date: September 8, 1958

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