Pontiac’s 10 new models for 1942 (1941)

Date: Nov 17, 1941
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Now Pontiac takes front rank as the car for those who look ahead!

Today when quality means more than ever, Pontiac offers ten new models — superior in 15 ways to last year’s great success.

This year, your choice of a new car is going to depend — more than ever before — on how many years it will last. Because of this, it is more important than ever that you investigate Pontiac before you buy any 1942 car.

The new Pontiacs are improved in 15 ways over last year. They are more beautiful inside and out. Their increased overall length and weight makes them even more comfortable, without sacrificing any of Pontiac’s famous economy.

LIFE Nov 17, 1941 pontiac 2

LIFE Nov 17, 1941 pontiac

1942 Pontiac car models

  • Torpedo Business Coupe
  • Torpedo Sport Coupe
  • Torpedo Sedan Couple
  • Torpedo Two-Door Sedan
  • Torpedo Four-Door Sedan
  • Torpedo Metropolitan Four-Door Sedan
  • Torpedo Convertible Sedan Couple
  • Streamliner Sedan Coupe
  • Streamliner Four-Door Sedan
  • Streamliner Station Wagon

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Publication date: Nov 17, 1941

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