Every day’s a party in the new Lincoln (1956)

Date: Jan 30, 1956
Categories: 1950s, Cars & trucks, Vintage advertisements
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Jan 30, 1956 Ford Lincoln cars (2)

A Lincoln is to dress up and go

Every day’s a party in the new new new Lincoln

A Lincoln is a moving idea with 285 horsepower to second the motion

Each inch is luxury: 222 new inches of beauty and comfort based on strength and safety and power

A Lincoln is one of the Ford family of fine cars

Every mile from the dealers’ doors these are the five best ways to get from place to place

The Ford * the Thunderbird * The Mercury * The Lincoln * the Continental

Jan 30, 1956 Ford Lincoln cars (3)

Jan 30, 1956 Ford Lincoln cars (1)

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Publication date: Jan 30, 1956

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