Mr Potato Head & other Hasbro Toys (1953)

Date: Nov 9, 1953
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America’s top ten toys!

Christmas joy for girls and boys

LIFE Nov 9, 1953 toys hasbro


Hobby craft oil painting & Jr Miss cosmetic case

hasbro-toys-1953-vintage (2)


Mr and Mrs Potato Head toys

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hasbro-toys-1953-vintage (7)


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Doctor or nurse kit for kids & Beaux arts paint set

hasbro-toys-1953-vintage (3)


Let’s Play Conductor & other Let’s Play toy sets

hasbro-toys-1953-vintage (4)


Finger paint set, Plastic Teach-A-Toy stencil set & Teach-A-Toy plastic map

hasbro-toys-1953-vintage (5)


Junior Miss sewing kit

hasbro-toys-1953-vintage (6)

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Publication date: Nov 9, 1953

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