Tweedie boot-tops for graceful ankles (1921)

Original publication: Ladies' Home Journal Date: November 1921
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Tweedie boot-tops

For graceful ankles — and those who wish their ankles to appear so, Tweedies impart a tailor-clad trimness, an unmistakable air of distinctive style that would be difficult to attain in a less carefully made boot top or spat, and were not Tweedie fabrics the finest obtainable.

To your Fall and Winter oxfords or pumps can be added smartness and comfort in a pair of Tweedies, in any of the original models shown: — heel fitted curve button effect, heel fitted side button, or the straight button English type, none of which needs bothersome buckles.

“More than a spat”

Tweedie boot tops for graceful ankles (1921)

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Source publication: Ladies' Home Journal

Publication date: November 1921

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