The Jackie Kennedy Look (1967)

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7 pages of Jackie Kennedy and her fabulous clothes

jackie-kennedy-cosmopolitan-may-1967 (2)


The elegance, the chic, the supertaste that comprise…

The Jackie Kennedy Look

(but what is that look??!!)

jackie-kennedy-cosmopolitan-may-1967 (3)

jackie-kennedy-cosmopolitan-may-1967 (6)

119 jackie-kennedy-cosmopolitan-may-1967 (4)

120 jackie-kennedy-cosmopolitan-may-1967 (5)

122 jackie-kennedy-cosmopolitan-may-1967 (7)

123 jackie-kennedy-cosmopolitan-may-1967 (8)
124 jackie-kennedy-cosmopolitan-may-1967 (1)

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