Glimmerick eye polish & eye paint makeup (1967)

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Glimmerick: The first colorific eye paint

Trues up blue eyes. Jades up green eyes. Velvets up brown eyes.

Take a little brush and paint up your eyes with shimmer, glimmer and candlelight. It’s all new — Glimmerick Eye Paint.

Go creative! For daytime, draw a perky line above eyeliner. (That makes your eyes enormously exciting.) Brush a shimmery veil over the entire eyelid and light up the night with pure candlepower.



Glimmerick new brush-on eye polish

Make blue eyes bluer / Green eyes greener / Brown eyes deeper / All eyes enormously exciting

Make them shimmer and glimmer with Glimmerick, from the Yardley London Look collection — three glimmery eye polishes (Stop White, Quicksilver, Little Boy Blue) — Glows up your eyes like a thousand candles


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