False beauty: New eyelashes by Maybelline (1967 & 1972)

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Newest eye-dea from Maybelline… it’ a natural. (1967)

Now… Maybelline Natural Hair Lashes are here. The “great fake” look is out. Like every beauty aid we offer, these flattering lashes are naturally, believably beautiful.

Carefully handmade from finest quality hair, they’re tapered and trimmed to fit your natural eyeline, then delicately double-feathered for extra beauty and an extra/ natural look.
Natural Hair Lashes

Maybelline Natural Hair Lashes come with gentle Surgical Formula Adhesive and easy-to-read picture directions. Just a little practice, and you’ll pat them on easily in a few minutes. They wear lightly ’til you take them off… soon you won’t feel natural without them! Natural Hair Lashes are.. .natural. So easy to apply. So sensibly-priced.

You’ll never know how lovely your eyes can be until you try them… new Natural Hair Lashes by Maybelline.



They’re so beautiful, look so real (1972)

Lashes too light to even feel

They’re actually lighter than hair… Maybelline Look Natural Lashes. Made of a fiber so super-fine they blend with your own lashes naturally, beautifully.

And because they’re lighter than hair, they go on easy, stay in place without popping up at corners. You’ll love our New Look Natural Lashes


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Maybelline: Wisp, Crisscross, Flair, Demi-Wisp

Maybelline: The finest in eye makeup, sensibly priced

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