Titanic rescue: First Carpathia photos (1912)

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First photographs of scenes connected with the Titanic disaster

Authentic pictures of the Titanic survivors and their arrival in New York City on the rescue ship Carpathia:


Above: Survivors on the deck of the Carpathia just before they reached New York. this photograph was taken by Miss Bernice Palmer, who, with other women passengers on the Carpathia, supplied those who were rescued with wraps and shawls.



Above: Another group onboard the Carpathia, taken on the second day of the rescue ship’s journey from the scene of the disaster to New York City.



Above: This picture shows the survivors of the Titanic on the Carpathia off Sandy Hook, waiting for a pilot to board the vessel



Above: This photograph shows the Titanic’s lifeboats in the water alongside the Carpathia as the vessel was entering its dock in New York.


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Source publication: The San Francisco Call

Publication date: 24 April 1912

Original title: First photograph of scenes connected with the Titanic disaster

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