The top reasons couples get divorced (1920)

Original publication: The Morning Tulsa Daily World (Tulsa, Okla.) Date: June 13, 1920
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Reasons for divorce

Reasons for divorce: Some of the indignities

Indignities alleged by wives in petitions for divorce included among the decrees granted in the last fiscal year covered a variety of offenses.

One plaintiff included among her allegations of humiliation suffered, that her husband refused to sit with her in church. Another charged that her husband, who was a Lieutenant in the Dental Corps, USA, squandered all his money gambling.

One wife charged that her husband spent his evenings with his mother and sister, “rushing the beer can.” Another charged her husband with teaching the baby to drink beer.

One husband was accused of cursing his wife because she gave her daughter, by a former marriage, a pint of molasses. A score of wives charged that their husbands contracted diseases. One woman charged, among other humiliations, that her husband refused to build the fires and told her if she was cold “there is the stove and the coal.”

One husband appeared as plaintiff alleging indignities in that his wife accused him of flirting with his stenographer, his neighbors and various other women; accused him of flirting with every woman he passed while they were motoring, and telephoned his doctor to examine him for insanity, as she believed he was going crazy over women.

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Source publication: The Morning Tulsa Daily World (Tulsa, Okla.)

Publication date: June 13, 1920

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