Annie Oakley plays William Tell with her dog (1917)

Original publication: New-York Tribune Date: March 04, 1917
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Dave knows she’s a good shot

Mrs Frank Butler’s thoroughbred English Setter, Dave, doesn’t know that his mistress is Annie Oakley, because she quit giving shooting exhibitions before she got him. He just knows she is a dear little white-haired woman who is the best shot at quail he has ever hunted with.

And to prove that he is the best dog in Pinehurst, and not the least speck gun-shy. He doesn’t care how many times she plays William Tell with him and shoots an apple off his head with a .22 caliber rifle. Mrs Butler would laugh if it were suggested that she might miss the apple, for it is no more difficult to hit it than to hit a pumpkin two feet in diameter at 25 yards, at which distance a good shot can hit a bullseye smaller than an apple every time.

Recently, on her fiftieth birthday, she broke 98 out of 100 clay birds in a regulation trap shoot. The best of the men professionals are glad to do that well, and generally don’t.


Above: Trapshooting is at its best in winter at balmy Pinehurst – Annie Oakley, noted expert, giving an exhibition before a large gallery of winter resort visitors (New York Sun – January 11, 1920)

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Source publication: New-York Tribune

Publication date: March 04, 1917

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