Sons of Revolutionary Sires membership (1876)

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My great-great-great grandfather Josiah Earl was born March 12, 1821, in Tymochtee, Ohio. In 1876, he was invited to join the San Francisco-based Sons of Revolutionary Sires (which has been known since 1889 as The California Society of the Sons of the American Revolution). Who could join? The group’s current rules state, “Any man at least eighteen years of age, who is a citizen of good repute and a lineal descendant of an ancestor who supported the cause of American Independence during the years 1774-1783, is eligible for membership.” Josiah was elected to join because of the service of his own grandfather, Daniel Earl (aka Earll), who lived from c1727-1817. Below is a copy of the certificate confirming receipt of the $4.50 initiation fee required for his membership.

Sons of the American Revolution

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