Wild & wonderful new ways to wrap gifts (1961)

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Great gift wrap ideas for bulky & odd-shaped kitchen gifts

The best way to gift-wrap a bulky or odd-shaped kitchen appliance or utensil is — don’t! Give it a fanciful shape, instead — with Christmas paper, ribbons, gay ornaments, and such.

Take an electric blender, for instance, and turn it into a frothy pink strawberry soda. Turn an electric tea kettle into a cocky rooster with wattles and comb of curly ribbon. With a little imagination, a vacuum cleaner turns into Santa Claus, an oven-proof casserole into a sailboat, a coffee maker into a candlestick. We put a golden sunburst on an electric frying pan and king-and-queen crowns on a set of wooden canisters. Gaily wrapped gifts pop out of a toaster.

P.S. Don’t misplace the instruction book and the warranty!

6 ideas to gift kitchenware

Pop-goes-the-present: Toaster has a wide ribbon band topped off with a pompon bow. Gay foil-wrapped gifts take the place of toast slices.



Cock-of-the-walk: Tea Kettle sports wattles of self-sticking red ribbon, blossom-bow eyes, and a comb of shredded IV,” ribbon in many colors.



“Sail Away” Casserole is rigged into a jaunty sailboat with gift-paper sails held up by ordinary cardboard roller.

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Sunny-side-up Electric Fry Pan is crowned with a glamorous sunburst made of gold foil and Christmas balls.



King and Queen of Canisters wear gold cut-out crowns, curled ribbon hair, cut-out eyes, and gold seal medals.



Strawberry Soda Blender is stuffed with shocking pink foil, topped with fluffy pink ribbon pompons and angel hair “whipped cream.” Straws are paper-covered tubes wound with red ribbon.



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