Dazzling, jewel-like Christmas balloon craft (1967)

Date: November 1967
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Make these for Christmas

by Dorothy Lambert Brightbill

Start your holiday decorating now by making our dazzling, jewel-like Christmas balloons. They’ll lift tree trimming to new heights — send spirits soaring when hung from the evergreen bough, chandelier, mantelpiece, or in a window (actually, just about anywhere you choose to deck the halls).

They can be made in the twinkling of an eye, and for an extremely low price. Each one is a different shape and they range in size from five to seven inches. Our kit includes all the necessary ingredients for making the three you see here: bright silken balls, mesh coverings, gold cords, pearly beads, ribbon, gold edging, and complete instructions.

Red-and-white-and-blue balloon is trimmed with pearl garlands, red band accented with gold. Pink balloon is delicately draped with pearl garlands. Green balloon is accented with ribbons, gold cord, braid.


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Publication date: November 1967

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