6 celebs tell who they’d like to find under the mistletoe (1981)

Date: December 1981
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Kiss & Tell: Celebrities reveal whom they would like to find under the mistletoe this Christmas


by Anita Summer

1) Marie Osmond

Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill heads my list. I’d like to get him under the mistletoe, right in front of all those pols, then I’d mess up his hair real good and give him a big smooch, so that he (and they) would have something to talk about other than Ronald Reagan. I’ve never met Mr O’Neill, only watched him on TV, and I have a feeling that under all that polish and political prowess there lurks an enormously affectionate teddy bear. I’d like to be the one to find it.

2) Christopher Reeve

My three great institutions of learning and education were Cornell University, Juilliard — and Katharine Hepburn. One of the watershed experiences of my life was working with her in A Matter of Gravity (my 1976 Broadway debut). I love, adore and worship Katharine. I’d do anything I could to get her under the mistletoe, and then shower her with kisses to thank her for everything she has done for me.

3) Dr Joyce Brothers

In my opinion, Johnny Carson is one of the most sexually attractive men of all time. He has that naughty, little-boy look, tempered by his wonderful sophistication. I vote for Johnny because I’d have a fairly reasonable chance of convincing my husband that our meeting was strictly business. Although I’ve been on Johnny’s show for years, alas and alack, I’ve never met him off-camera. And, another alas and alack, when I’m on his show, he looks upon me as just another guest. I hope he reads this and pays attention…

4) Ed Asner

The one I’d love to see waiting for me under the mistletoe is Gloria Steinem. Perhaps one Christmas I’ll be able to give her a great big smacking kiss in celebration of the ERA — so long as she would promise not to bop me one.

5) Dolly Parton

All year round, I’m surrounded by men, hordes and hordes of them — bus drivers, musicians, agents, managers, every species of man you can think of, all ages, shapes and sizes. The only man not there is my husband, Carl Dean. He’s the one I’d be thrilled to see under the mistletoe on Christmas Day, because he’s a helluva lot cuter than all those other men put together — including Burt Reynolds. Not only is my guy sexy, witty, charming and brainy, but he pays my bills — including the cost of the mistletoe!

6) Art Linkletter

The First Lady, Nancy Reagan, is my choice. A chaste kiss under the mistletoe would right a 20-year-old wrong. Nancy and I were married once, you see… and there was no romantic kiss to seal our happy union. I hasten to add the marriage took place on a 30-minute television program called “The Odd Ball” (a segment of General Electric Theater). The title described her teenaged TV son, who was enamored of my teenaged TV daughter. Somehow we “single” parents fell in love during the plot, were happily wed, but kiss-less. It is only fair that a belated mistletoe buss would right this omission. Besides, how could the President object when we’d be chaperoned by the First Lady’s security guards?

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Publication date: December 1981

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