Impala’s high resale value (1970)

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If the competition had Impala’s high resale value, maybe they’d be No. 1.


The people at Chevrolet generously offer these tips to competitors to help improve their resale value.

They could try adding Impala’s side-guard door beam structure, heavy steel rails inside each door.

They could work a little harder on keeping rocker panels from rusting, just as we have with our flush-and-dry design.

They could put protective inner fenders in every model, just like Impala.

They could hush up the sounds of old age with something like Impala’s long life exhaust system. Impala’s cargo-guard luggage compartment is a good bet, too. A steel wall separates luggage from the passenger compartment.

But if competition doesn’t take these tips, you certainly should.

Buy an Impala. It’s such a rewarding car to get rid of.

Putting you first, keeps us first.


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