Goodbye Mr Clips: Get the new Paper Welder (1971)

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Goodbye Mr Clips!

Excuse the lame pun but it’s true — you can now free yourself of such cumbersome paraphernalia as paper clips & staples.

Our handsome chrome Paper Welder smartly “welds” up to 6 sheets of paper, with just one gentle stroke. And it never needs refills.

Keeps your files slim and neat, your copier from blowing a fuse and your fingernails from breaking.

No quicker or less expensive way to establish yourself as a progressive executive. Order yours right now!

[  ] Rush me a Paper Welder. I encl. $14.95 ($13.95 plus $1 post. & ins.) Calif. res. add tax. Return in 2 wks. if not completely delighted.

04-30-1971-Paper Welder

Haverhill’s – 584 Washington Street, San Francisco 94111

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