Aww! See these celebrity baby photos (1976)

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Pictures of vintage celebrities as children

Like a lot of restaurateurs, David Niven Jr. has adorned the walls of his London eatery, Drones, with pictures of his famous friends. But in Niven’s gallery, some friends are stark naked, some are riding tricycles, others are in costume — and all are under 12.

There are Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron, long before he swept her off her feet in “Daddy Longlegs.” There is the little, big-eyed, Natalie Wood. There is the debonair Edwardian Cary Grant, accompanied by an adoring and shapely chair.

“I remembered Sardi’s collection of caricatures,” says the Drones’s owner, whose own father’s picture is featured among the babes on the wood. “So I decided to have a collection of baby pictures.”

A very young Natalie Wood

young Natalie Wood


Cary Grant as a toddler



David Niven’s baby picture

Young David Niven


Fred Astaire as a child dancer

Young Fred Astaire

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Lesley Caron on a tricycle

Young Lesley Caron

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