Wonder struck! Ride-on spring horse toys (1967)

Original publication: Life Date: Nov 17, 1967
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Wonder struck

If you found yourself at the end of last January with nothing left of Christmas toys but the unpaid bills, then listen to our story about Wonder Horse.

Wonder Horse makes the world’s most popular toy horses. All 17 models (you see five of them [here]) promise instant joy on Christmas morning — and lasting year-round enjoyment.

In fact, every Wonder Horse carries as part of its equipage a guarantee which helps parents keep their Christmas promises to their children.

But make sure it’s a real Wonder Horse! There are a herd of imitators, but only one genuine Wonder Horse line.

Wonder Horse – Wonder Products Co, Collierville, Tennessee

Shoo-Fly Deluxe rocking horse

Shoo-Fly Deluxe rocking horse


Wonder Cheyenne play horse

Wonder Cheyenne play horse


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Wonder Coaster toddler ride-on toy with wheels

Wonder Coaster


Wonder Pony ride-on toy

Wonder Pony ride-on toy


Mustang Wonder Horse

Mustang Wonder Horse

Source publication: Life

Publication date: Nov 17, 1967


  1. robert mahone

    i have aquired a 1965 spring mustang rocking horse and ws wondering what todays value might be
    thank you

  2. amy frey

    i have a black wonder hores, off white mane & tail, silver hooves, light royal blue saddle, has WH brand on one hip. it is a carousel horse, not a rocking horse. the head tail & legs are not tucked up against its body (there is space between). the only holes in it are in the top of the saddle & directly below in the belly. I’ve never seen another one like it. You have any idea of its age or potential value? there is only the horse, no pole or mechanical attachments.

  3. Anita van Dijk

    First, I am Dutch, so my english is not very good, excuse me for that..

    I just have bought the “mustang wonder horse”, but I just noticed that I have only the horse with the wooden sticks throug the legs and knees, and the iron footsteps?

    Can I buy the rest anywere? I hope somewere in the Netherlands?

    Friendly greetings,


  4. Donn Settles

    I have a Red Coat Wonder Horse Deluxe, In very good condition, What is it worth?? Can’t find it anywhere,

    Thanks Donn

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